Julieann talks about the ‘HMRC Adding 20% VAT to Botox’ Live on BBC Radio Essex!

Botox, the world’s most popular cosmetic procedure is now being challenged as a ‘Vanity Treatment’ by a new court ruling, with more than six million people a year using it to hide their wrinkles.

A court has recently ruled that Botox treatments should be taxed as a vanity treatment and not permitted to be tax-free as a medical therapy. Julieaan our head nurse and owner has been live on BBC Radio Essex’s breakfast show with Ben Fryer and Sonia Watson to over 11 million listeners to discuss the impact this will have on the cosmetics industry; Julieann says “Many Medical VAT-Exempt Medical Uses For Botox” and shes “appalled by the decision to add VAT to Botox”.


What do you think of the new ruling? Is it the right choice? Do you think it’s a step backwards for the Cosmetic industry?  Let us know on our Social Media pages!

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