What Is Profhilo®?

Are you interested in improving your skin texture, or softening a few fine lines, or would you simply like to feel better and look fresher? Profhilo® is an injectable form of Hyaluronic Acid, that will not alter features or expressions. It’s the perfect boost of hydration for post-lockdown skin with no downtime required at all!…

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Let’s Talk About Vitamin B12 & C Benefits!

Visit our WALK-IN CLINIC for vitamin B12 & C shots! 🍊🍋 Importance of Vitamin C: Vitamin C supports both your internal health and your appearance. It helps you make collagen boosting your skin health and supports your immune system, helping your body detect and fight an infection!   Importance of Vitamin B-12: Vitamin B-12 promotes…

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The Many Benefits of 3-5 Point Cheek Lift

As you check your face in front of the mirror, you noticed some deformation in the lower half of your face. More wrinkles show up, your cheeks are now droopier than ever, and you looked sleep deprived. Then, you realised that you are already at the peak of your middle-age years. Consciousness crept in, and…

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