The Many Benefits of 3-5 Point Cheek Lift

As you check your face in front of the mirror, you noticed some deformation in the lower half of your face. More wrinkles show up, your cheeks are now droopier than ever, and you looked sleep deprived. Then, you realised that you are already at the peak of your middle-age years. Consciousness crept in, and…

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The benefits of a non-surgical facelift

The benefits of a non-surgical faceliftIn 2017, the beauty of modern technology means you no longer need surgery to reverse the effects of ageing. In a bygone era, getting a facelift would mean intrusive surgery, painful treatments and a long recovery time. Often with unnatural looking results. Thankfully that is no longer the case. What…

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Botox Aftercare

There’s a lot more to getting Botox that just the treatment itself. Your practitioner might have done their job, but it’s essential for you to follow the rules of aftercare for everything to work correctly. Following your treatment of Botox, it’s up to you to make sure everything heals quickly and to avoid anything than…

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A brief history of Botox

From the legend of Cleopatra bathing in milk to Renaissance women putting a mixture of lead and vinegar on their faces, the battle for beauty has been fought since the beginning of time. Chances are you’ve heard of Botox before, the modern day answer to the above. Be it from an advert or whether you’ve…

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