3-5 Point Cheek Lift

The cheek is one of the most influential features of the aging face, as we age we lose fat in the mid face which can separate into compartments. We can lose volume which flattens the front and side of the mid face leading to hollowing of the mid face and development of nasolabial folds causing the down turn of the oral commissioner muscle. (Corners of the mouth) and tissue decent in the pre jowl sulcus, (marionette lines) causing a sad look around the mouth area and heaviness around the jowls and contributes to looking old. Enhancing the cheek contours the nasolabial lines and marionette lines can be treated to generate a lifting effect, a look that is instantly rejuvenating, attractive and natural in appearance.

Cheek Augmentation, restores youthful convexity and supports lower facial tissues giving rise to a mid face elevation. It is indicated for all ages in both males and females. Re-creating high cheek bones enhances a heart shaped feminine facial feature and in males a more chiselled appearance.

Products used in this Procedure
Voluma / Volllift

Prices start from £350.